• Clove Stem Oil

Clove Stem Oil

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Cloves are most commonly known to cure toothaches and it has been used to make medicines related to dentistry since the 19th century. Clove improves digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. This spice enhances cardiovascular health and improves the function of the blood circulatory system.

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Clove Stem Oil



Clove stem oil is an essential oil that is widely used around the world for years. This oil is derived from clove trees – the clove tree, known as Euginia cariophyllata. The clove tree is native to Southeast Asia, but, at present, we can see that this plant has been spread in many other areas of the world.

Clove Stem Oil is obtained by refining the dried bloom buds that are gathered from clove trees. The stem and leaves can also be utilized to produce clove oil. The color of clove oil ranges in shading from transparent color to light yellow. Moreover, it has a definite, spicy smell.

Of course, clove oil has been used for many centuries for various purposes. Though a wide range of synthetic substances has been recognized in clove oil, a compound called eugenol is one of the essential parts. Similarly, as other necessary oils, specialists have been attempting to assess the potential medical advantages of clove oil and its components.

The clove oil is known to show cancer prevention agent, mitigating, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, cytotoxic, insect repellent, and sedative activities. It is utilized topically in natural medication to reduce pains and encourage healing. Clove stem oil has also been used in conventional medicine to present pain-relieving, calming, antimicrobial, antiviral, and germicide activity. Clove oil is also used in manufacturing perfumes and food flavoring.

Clove Stem Oil for dental purposes

It has been proven that clove oil is effective at preventing dental erosion and in preventing tooth cavities. Due to the stable germicidal properties of clove oil and a compound called eugenol, clove oil battles against dental agony. Furthermore, it helps to prevent toothaches, sore gums, and mouth ulcers.

Benefits and uses of clove stem oil

  • Clove Stem Oil is used as an instant reliever for conditions like toothache and muscle pains.
  • This herbal oil is also used as an antimicrobial agent, as it helps to eliminate microbes.
  • This oil is used for stomach-associated issues like poor digestion.
  • Clove oil helps to diminish respiratory conditions like cough and asthma.


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Caution: If pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor?s care, consult a physician. Discontinue use if skin sensitivity occurs. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use undiluted on the skin. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on broken skin or abrasions. Do not use internally, unless directed by a licensed Aromatherapist or physician. Psychotropic in high doses.

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Clove Stem Oil

Clove Stem Oil

Rs. 990.00

In stock