• Lunuwila Brahmi Capsules

Lunuwila Brahmi Capsules

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Size: 500mg X60 Capsules

  1. Improves Mental Function
  2. Cognitive Boost
  3. Immune System Booster
  4. Antioxidant Content
  5. Digestive Issues

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In stock (can be backordered)


In stock (can be backordered)

Lunuwila Brahmi Capsules


Health Benefits of Lunuvila – Brahmi Capsules

Lunuwila Brahmi Capsules : With the scientific name of Bacopa monnieri, this tropical, perennial, non-aromatic creeping herb has been admired in Ayurvedic and traditional medicines across the world for generations. Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri is a very well-known medicinal herb. It is used in Ayurveda for centuries.

Lunuwila Brahmi Capsules is useful in;

  • Nervous disorders,
  • Bronchitis,
  • Fever,
  • Swelling,
  • Abdominal pain, and
  • Flatulence.
  • Brahmi has stomachic, digestive, rejuvenate, anti-epileptic, anti-pyretic and analgesic activities.

Improves Mental Function

Lunuwila Brahmi Capsules : Regular use of bacopa is quite helpful to improve your mental performance and cognitive function, which help to improve learning, memory and overall mental function.

Cognitive Boost

One of the most appreciated benefits of Lunuwila Brahmi Capsules is its ability to encourage the mind, mainly in terms of memory and concentration. It has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to increase focus and increase retention. Certain organic compounds in Brahmi encourage cognitive pathways in the brain to boost cognitive ability.

Immune System Booster with Lunuvila – Brahmi Capsules

When consumed in any form, tea leaves, or otherwise, it can give the immune system an essential boost. Small amount of nutrients is supplemented by the antioxidant compounds to increase the response time of our immune system against pathogens, viruses, or bacterial infection.

Antioxidant Content

Bacopa consists of huge amount of antioxidants that are essential for supporting a healthy lifestyle. Antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals, the dangerous byproducts of cellular metabolism that can cause cells to undergo apoptosis (cell death) or mutate into cancerous cells.

Digestive Issues

Bacopa is a calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory herb and help in providing relief from gastrointestinal conditions such as ulcers.



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60 Capsules


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1 review for Lunuwila Brahmi Capsules

  1. Purnima De Silva

    It gives significant changes
    Used on a patient suffer Anxiety attacks and panic attacks

    • Malinda

      Thanks for your Feedback.

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Lunuwila Brahmi Capsules

Lunuwila Brahmi Capsules

Rs. 1,100.00

In stock (can be backordered)