Why Herbal

Herbals have been used for health and medical purposes for several thousand years.We are progressively understanding the harmful effects of extensive utilization ofadulterated ingredients and chemicals laden medicines.As such, Herbal products are more used by people as they are shifting from the synthetic products to the organic way out.

What We Offer

We are in the business of  providing online platform for delivering qualitative range of ayurvedic supplements, herbal health products, herbal skin care products, herbal hair growth and hair fall solutions products, Weight loss treatment and  daily use  products. The product offered includes Herbal Tablets, Herbal Oil, Hair Die, Skin Care-Supplements and Herbal Yoga mat and meditation mat, Herbal Slippers, Herbal mosquito coil, Herbal Sambrani, Herbal incense Sticks ( Hadunkuru).

The use of quality herbs these herbal skin care products and herbal hair care products provide complete relief from various skin, Hair and body related problem. The My Herbal is a online based shop  strives to offer safest and most reliable herbal health products to their clients.We deliver first rate herbal products that relieve the people in need.Our objective is to connect the thousands of people with natural herbal solution to their requirement of better life.

Our range includes:

  • Health Care products – We are offering safe and effective health care products to improve health and longevity of customers. The product range comprises vitamins and Supplements that are made with varied herbal ingredients. The  product range of memory and concentration that  improves memory, promote good sleep, reduces mental fatigue and boost your mental health. There are herbs that should include to daily diet to lose  belly fat .The product range of fat burning gives essential remedies to get effective results and helping to burn belly fat. Digestive Health or dietary supplement products  help to breakdown the foods which are difficult to digest by producing vital nutrients and influencing the function of the immune system. The product range of sugar controlling includes essential herbs that claim to have  blood sugar lowering properties that useful to keep medically accepted sugar level in your body. Herbal balm offers  relief for joint pains, headache, Backache, , Sprains and Bruise, Cramps, Stiffness.
  • The Herbal Personal Care Products – The herbal personal care products includes hair care products ,face and body care products and oral care products.

   –  The Hair care Products range includes hair oil, liquid and dry hair shampoo, hair Dye and  hair cream. These hair oil products are formulated from natural herbs and natural oils like coconut oil, King coconut oil. It contains which traditional formulation described the benefits in  ancient ayurvedic books which improve the hair growth.

There is much more to shampoo than cleaned hair .The product category of herbal  liquid and dry hair shampoo  helps to make your hair glossy and healthy looking. The Herbal ingredients contained in the product stimulates the  hair growth and reduce hair fall. It gives enduring solution for hair problems such as dandruff and dry hair.  

Herbal hair Dye and hair cream are for the alternative solution for herbal application instead of synthetic ingredients to color your hair. These natural herbal formulation does not include any chemicals , preservations and  artificial fragrance.

– Skin care Products- These  skin care products are formulated to offer glow skin. The  ayurvedic ingredients which helps to rejunate the skin and make it smooth and glow while adhering to the highest standard of quality of the product. The product range includes  Anti-Aging cream, Cleanser and Scrub ,Lotion, Herbal Soap and Body cream.

– Herbal dental  products are  herbal Tooth paste and  mouth wash that included herbal component to treat a variety of oral diseases by applying  predominantly preventive traditional care.

  • Life style Products- The herbal life style products are comprised Herbal Yoga mat and meditation mat, Herbal Slippers, Herbal mosquito coil, Herbal Sambrani, Herbal incense Sticks ( Hadunkuru), Herbal Candle, Herbal Pillow & Necpillow and Herbal Seat covers.